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WEB design and programming - HTML | CSS | Java Script | PHP


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    What's ACHIWEB?

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    A blog for beginners who love learning code

    A main part of this blog would be about fandation of web design also programming. Will explain simply and clearly with images so that you could figure out more easily.

    What are you going to learn?
    Java Script
    Word Press
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    Get to know local societies for web development

    You could find out web development communities I would have involved in a real. Connecting with people who loves code would empower your mood to learning code more!

    What pros would you get?
    Open your mind to know new tech skill
    Keep going to learn what you'd like
    Hang out with them and be motivated
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    Introduction of ACHI

    I am a Japanese web developer living in somewhere in Canada currently. What I've been curious are learning and teaching code, philosophy, and psychology.
    In a future, would love to farm my own veggies and run a tiny restaurant with working what I've been doing right now.

    Get to know more about me