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I released a new website: “REV LUNAR PROJECT”, which is a portfolio for the students of Real English Victoria, my lovely school!
I’m gonna introduce you what is the features of this website.


・Theme of this website is like a digital newspaper.
・showcase each student’s character such as background, interests, dream.
・Unified and flexible design

What is the REV school like?

This is an ESL school in Victoria, B.C; and it’s the most unique school in Victoria.
They have a special lunch day, classes are totally different from the usual ESL schools like they have no textbooks, the time schedule is quite flexible. The atmosphere is pretty freedom as well.
We can learn not only language but also real talk and real life.
You could definitely enjoy the learning second language in here.

Join us!

If you are curious about this project, please join us.
Anyone as long as REV’s students could join it. We can more find out Canada’s culture and expand your own community. Isn’t it wonderful?
So feel free to contact me. → CONTACT TO ACHIWEB

These are the links to REV and the students portdolio website that I made below.
Real English Victoria

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to seeing you in REV 🙂