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The first step about front-end and back-end

Do you know what a front-end engineer and a back-end engineer is?

There might be a few people who’ve heard engineer. However, aren’t you confused now? Front-end? Back-end? What are they? I’m going to tell about what the differences are between a front-end engineer and a back-end engineer in this article.

What’s the engineer?

In general, engineer means technology person in a broad sense. Though there are many kinds of the engineers in the world, I’m going to tell you about a web engineer. What is it? They have another name which is called web developer, and their field is development, design, construction and maintenance of websites and also apps.
Let’s learn more about their characteristic.


What’s the front-end?

The front-end of the website is what the user sees and directly interacts with. Do you remember the screen would move or the button would change the colour with your hover when you visit some website? In addition to that, you know about blogs. Blogs usually have a sign out function included, and they run in your browser. Anything that you can see happening is the front-end.

Main languages which are used in front-end

HTMLCSS(Sass)JavaScriptJQueryPHP(※with CMS)

Common frame works which are used in front-end

BootstrapAngularJSReactJS etc…


What’s the back-end?

The back-end is a system which moves behind the browser, just like the name. Usually, we can’t see how they are moving. For example, we can feel the flow when we purchase something we want on the website, but there is more movement happening in the back-end than you can see. It happens in Web serever, and the box housing the products information, we call that the database.

Common languages which are used in front-end

PHPpysonRuby etc…

There are a ton of languages for back-end, so I wrote just a part of it. However, I think you can remember PHP and HTML can be learned with comparative ease and are often used together.

Differences between the front-end and the back-end

Let’s see the example that I mentioned above.
First, we are able to see database information when we access the archive page of products. And then, after you chose particular products, there will be information displayed which associated those such as word of mouth, price, etc. When you click the transmission button, your registration information in the database will be associated with that.

Moreover, I’ll give you another example. Please imagine a vending machine. You’d select the drink from among several them, after that push button and insert coin. Then the arm moves in inside, and take out the real product, it would appear your step. If it was the website, the product sample you can see and button motion are would be the front-end, The arm’s movement you can’t see or the real products which are inside are the back-end.

What’s happening?

The web server detects the action which happens in the browser (the front-end), and after processing database information, they are returned to the browser.
the front end might be inseparable from the back end. The reverse is also true. (except static website)

Which is more difficult?

I won’t say exactly which is more difficult because they are totally different. However, the language which is used on the back-end has more complicated grammarin general. Besides, the back-end engineer has to test over and over again to solve the bugs. It means they need a long time to complete the project.
On the other hand, the front-end engineer is needed to know how to design and adapt to multiple devices. Not only the view but also how they lead the user to the destination. Leading user to goal is the most important thing in the front end.

Therefore, if you want to be a web engineer, then you would have to consider which suits you more.

In short

Front-end engineer

Main Job

… Create the part of a website that users can see.

Strong field

… cording (manage JS also CMS) and design.

Language you need

… You have to learn at least what I mentioned above. However, it is more simple to learn than the back end’s language.

Back-end engineer

Main Job

… To manage Web server and also the database.(inculded the development)

Strong field

… Programming and to construct the database design.

Language you need

… It depends on each project, so more important thing is pursuing your field than to know shallow and wide.

How did you like it?
Though I mentioned roughly the difference those two, I’d like to write about more specific field each of them at next time if I have an opportunity.